Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And this lasts for how long????

Monday January 3rd

So, Im back-blogging about my experiences as the weeks go by, so some of this might already be a little foggy (darn pregnancy brain).

If the rest of the pregnancy is anything like this week, its going to be a bumpy ride. Ive been struggling with severe dizziness, severe emotional mood swings and a sore chest. Im simultaneously hungry and having digestive issues. Im a complete mess. I can't go to the grocery store as I feel like Im drunk on a bottle of nyquil and vodka and can't walk a straight line. If a cop pulls me over, I swear he would give me a DUI- Driving under the influence... of pregnancy hormones. Being an active, do-everything, kind of person, this really irks me, making my mood swings worse. To top it all off... Im so bloated I cant get any of my pants buttoned, so Im confined to sweats. All of this together resulted in a lot of tears! Im still struggling with the thought of my "new life" and all the side effects of pregnancy are making it much more difficult.

At this point, I have told a few close friends. With all the issues I am having, they are either going to think Im a hypochondriac, or avoiding them. I figured its better that everyone understand what I am going through. Im not able to lift weight with the same intensity. I am so dizzy I can't drive to the barn to ride. Im hungry and eating everything in sight.

I'm hoping that this all settles out soon, so I can return to everything I need to get done. I guess this is just a forewarning of things to come. I've just had to come to terms that I will not be able to get as much work done as I need to if the computer screen wont stay still (dizziness).

I called Kaiser to let them know and see what the next step is, and they told me congratulations, take a prenatal vitamin, we are sending you an informational packet, and we will see you in 8-12 weeks.  Ummm... 8-12 weeks!! Way to go kaiser and send an informational packet in lieu of actual medical advice.  Luckily, I have been seeing a naturopath and an acupuncturist to deal with the hormonal issues I had been having in preparation of conceiving, and who also specialize in helping women through pregnancy, so at least I don't feel all alone (well, not as much so).

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Tanya on February 5, 2011 at 7:23 PM said...

First - you're not alone. I like using message boards. It's full of emotional, crazy, happy, pregnant women you can relate to.

I remember feeling car sick - while driving! But it passed along with my morning sickness and food aversions around 13 / 14 weeks.

Know it's okay to complain about these things. Just because you complain doesn't mean you're going to love your baby any less.

About your pant situation - do you have a BeBand? That helps with the ability to wear your regular pants when they're too tight to button. It was also nice to wear with maternity pants when my belly wasn't big enough to keep them up. You can buy one at target.

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