Friday, November 2, 2012

A Halloween full of Holms

We a had a great week full of Halloween festivities! Our little family of 4 is more fun than I could have imagine. This Halloween marked the first major holiday with 2 kids now and I felt as though its time to get a little festive. A week ago we went to get our pumpkins with Adam's parents, but with 2 little ones, it took so long to get out of the house that when we did, they both were asleep! Oh well!

The Annual Messock Family Pumpkin Carving Contest

The next weekend was the annual Messock family pumpkin carving contest! Every year my mom hosts a great Pumpkin Carving Party. It always a fun time to see familyand family friends. Last year, we gave my mom the surprise of her life. Since Aiden was medically fragile after he was born, she never got to hold him. When we finally got some medical clearance with Aiden's leukemia, we decided to get the heck outta dodge and drive down to California in time for the pumpkin carving party.... and not tell my mom. The goal was to make her cry with joy.. I think we accomplished that. 

This year we knew it would be a challenge with 2 babies (pretty much EVERYTHING is more challenging with 2 babies) but we managed to have a pretty good time, even if Annabelle wanted to be attached to a moving momma the whole time. Even Iggy got to be a part of the party this year, as another new memeber to our family. We were so excited when Adam took home 3rd place in the pumpkin carving contest! That is a HUGE accomplishment considering (almost) every year Jennie or one of her artist friends tend to take home first place with pumpkins that look like some sort of museum art piece. 

 Pumpkin Patch Take Two

 Since the two kiddos were totally passed out for the first trip to the pumpkin patch, Adrianne (our nanny) and I decided to take the kiddos back for some quality time at Lane Farms Pumpkin Patch and had a lot of fun!

Insert Star Wars Theme Song Here

Even though the kiddos are so young, we decided we still wanted to dress up for Halloween. Since they are so young and can't pick their own costumes yet, we took advantage of the situation and picked the theme of Star Wars. Annabelle was Princess Leia, Aiden was Yoda, Adam was Luke Skywalker, and I was a lady Jedi (after two kids there is no way I was going to rock the grown up version of princess leia, which didn't involve much clothing). We only went to a few close neighbors houses, but it was fun. We met a nice family whose dad grew up just 2 houses away from us. Their 6 or 7 year old son even recognized Adam as being Luke Skywalker training with Yoda on his back

Looking forward to many more years of HAPPY HALLOWEENS!

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